What is the ACADEMY:


Live review 1-on-1

Live review sessions ranging from 45 to 60 minutes with your mentor, all levels welcome.

$100.00 (each review)*

Bundle 10 sessions

Bundle of 10 Live Reviews sessions at your own pace, all sessions 1-on-1 from 45 to 60 minutes. Includes one bundle of rigs! **

$850.00 (10 sessions)*

Live review with a friend

Live review sessions with the total of 1 hour with your mentor and friends (up to 3), all levels welcome, you can also sign up and we mix and matched interested people!

$75.00 (per student)*

ongoing live weekly review

Weekly encounters with your mentor, sessions from 45 to 60 minutes, open to all levels, great for long term goals.

$300.00 (monthly)*

pre-recorded review

Pre-Recorded review sessions up to 45 minutes from your mentor, all levels welcome.

$75.00 (per recording)*

company bundle

If your company is interested on a specific bundle to attend the necessities of a current project, we're here to help your team

Contact us for more information

*pending mentor availability
** also available without rig bundle

At your own pace

You can choose when to have the class and how many classes you want. If you're not sure, send us a message and your mentor will be glad to recommend you what they think is the best for you!

Exclusive COmmunity

Connected through Discord, we have an exclusive community for all our students where they'll have access to exclusive content and expand their network.

live reviews

All the sessions are live where you can ask all your questions, your mentor will have access to you file in case they need to do any live demos and also do drawovers.

Classes designed for you

All the sessions are designed for you and the industry you're focusing on, whether it's getting faster on your workflow to work on a more fast paced production, or pushing the quality of your acting or working on cycles for games, we always focus on what's important for you.

Exclusive rigs discount

With the partnership Animation Flow - CharacterRigs.com we're able to offer all of our students discounted prices on 2 exclusive bundles created for Animation Flow Academy exclusively.

Share with a friend

You can also improve watching other students review and listening to their questions. On the Animation Flow Academy you can have session with your friends (up to 3), at a discounted price and more limited time but same class experience.