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What is Animation Flow?

Animation Flow is where we provide lectures and mentorship for artists from different levels and it's designed to specifically accommodate your needs, it is a great option whether you want to start a new project or get some fresh eyes on a project you're currently working on or to plus your reel.

How does it work?

You can find the lectures at the Animation Flow Patreon page, there you'll be able to browse on the tiers that include certain benefits, from having access to Maya file to actual mentorship sessions.

Another option are the Live 1-on-1 session on our exclusive Discord platform and they can range from 45 to 60 minutes. You can have as many or as few reviews as you want, you can choose to have weekly reviews, bi-weekly reviews or only every other week! Check out our Academy page to know more about it

 Who is this course for?

Anyone! Doesn't matter your level you always have room to grow, create new connections on our exclusive platform, polish your reel, start a new project from scratch, it's all up to you, and, of course, with the guidance of your Expert!

 Do you provide rigs?

We currently have a partnership with several rigging artists for discounts and we recommend free rigs!  Check it out here

"Animation Flow attends to all needs, from beginner to games animation or featured film high quality polishing"

About me

Alex Ferreira Simoes

My name is Alex Ferreira Simoes and I'm a character animator originally from Sao Paulo - Brazil.

I'm currently working at Riot Games as a Senior Gameplay Character Animator for League of Legends, previously worked at Dreamworks Animation on the featured film The Bad Guys, Boss Baby 2 , Abominable and other projects. Before that I worked on some other featured films like Spies in Disguise (Blue Sky Studios), Hotel Transylvania 3 (Sony Imageworks) and several others as a freelance artist.

Before working with Featured Films I worked on several TV Series, Games, Short Films and TV ads, which was very important for me to learn all the different workflows and needs for each different industry.

With the Animation Flow and the Academy my goal is to help and inspire all animators from the industry, doesn't matter your level or where you are in your journey! I hope you enjoy the initiative and feel free to contact me anytime!

What the students are saying

Alex´s reviews are a must have for animators who want to improve their skill and sharpen their eye for animation. His feedback has helped me enormously. Not only because his comments are incredibly insightful and clear, but also because he goes in depth with his critique; if needed, Alex will point out key areas which need improvement, which sometimes might lead to big changes. But, all of these notes are with the sole purpose of creating the best possible end result. He has a very positive and uplifting attitude and also will spend the time needed reviewing your work in full. Besides being an amazing animator, Alex is an incredible teacher and mentor, and I couldn’t recommend him more, specially if your goal is to excel at animation and improve your eye and skill.

victoria lopez, animator at infinity ward

The feedback was always very detailed and made my perception of the animation much more clear giving me a better idea of how to approach my next shots.

Fabio Pugliese, freelance character animator

Alex has been part of my professional life since the very beginning, I could even say that he plays a big part of the reason why I became an animator.
It is always fun, innovating, inspirational and a huge boost on my motivation to have a chance to learn from and with him.
Every time I think about taking animation classes or mentorship, he is definitely the first person that comes to my mind!

Camila francisco,  animator at wildbrain studios


lucas degani, freelance character animator